Italy: Round One

Last weekend, Elena, Kelsey, Monica and I traveled to Italy for the first time with the intent to conquer Rome and Pisa. While we all know by now that a weekend trip is never long enough to see, do, learn, and eat all there is to offer in each city, we experienced just enough in … Continue reading Italy: Round One


Birthdays Abroad

I didn’t wear a sash and lead an epic bar crawl. I didn’t pose in front of shiny 2-1 balloon numbers. I didn’t get to hug my mom as she pushed down on the top of my head to “squish” me back to age five. I didn’t get to cheers my dad at dinner, or … Continue reading Birthdays Abroad

Mind the Gap(s)

No language barrier, but cultural gaps for sure. My study abroad experience began with a short excursion to London, United Kingdom. Actually it began with arriving at JKF an unreasonable 6 hours early, saying eye-watering airport goodbyes while watching my parents slip out of view as I rode up the escalator, and awkward but comforting … Continue reading Mind the Gap(s)