The Oyster is Your World

But sometimes, doors close in your face.

Getting around in London was easy with the purchase of an Oyster card. Add some pounds to your Oyster card and you can swipe in and out of the Underground system as many times as you need to. The stop-over excursion in London was a nice transitioning period for my semester abroad. The culture and environment was just different enough to have to learn new ways and adapt on the spot, but without the language barrier. So, it was also the perfect place for our first hiccup in using public transportation.

Our last full day in London, our group wanted to retreat to the hotel for naps. However, the voice inside my head that reminded me to make the most of my last few hours of daylight here must of been saying the same thing to another girl, Kelsey. Kelsey and I decided the two of us would stay out and explore together until meeting everyone for dinner. We walked through new streets in search of red telephone booths and London souvenirs. Then, as we headed back for dinner, we swiped into the Underground just in time for Kelsey to hop in the train and the doors to shut right in my face. I could see us break out in simultaneous laughs and a pathetic wave goodbye through the window as she sped away.
The next train to come was full. Trying two different entrances only greeted me with the pitying glances of the travelers tightly packed to the doors. Eventually, Kelsey and I met back up at the next station where we had to switch lines, after her personal detour of getting off at the wrong stop to wait for me, missing the second train as well, then ending up on the same train as me. It was a small hiccup in our ventures that pushed us to our first experience of independence while abroad, no matter how short-lived and simple.


Photo Credit: Kelsey Joyce 


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