Just a Girl and Her Allergies

PSA: London Heathrow airport counts liquid medicines towards the 3 oz./ 1 quart-bag limit.

Packing for four months within the parameters of 50 pounds, a carry-on, and a backpack tested my history of over-packing. My mother, father, and luggage weight can testify to that. But it wasn’t by clothes or weight that caused a backup at the London airport – it was my carry-on full of four months of nasal-sprays and medicines.

Unlike airports in the United States, the London Heathrow airport counts medicines towards your allowed quart-size bag of liquids. Not wanting to lose any prescriptions in baggage, I had a box of allergy serums, seven bottles of nasal spray, three tubes of gel, and two full boxes of dailies contacts on top of my travel size toiletries that fit perfectly in their quart-size bag.

“You’ll have to choose what to keep and what to throw out,” the TSA worker warned me as she began taking my sprays out of their boxes. Of course, I could replace shampoo and conditioner, so I began stuffing all of my prescriptions into the small bag. Fortunately, my thoughtful new friend Kelsey came back to security and offered to keep some of my things in the remaining space in her liquids bag. We managed to get my four-months worth of allergy remedies in the bags just before the TSA worker also mentions that contacts count towards liquids, as well. As my jaw slightly drops and shoulders sink with the thought of having to wear my glasses everyday for four months, the woman whispers, “But, I’m not that mean. Put the contacts back in your bag. You’re all set.”

I was the last one out of security, but I had my sight and my ability to breathe through my nose for the upcoming four months, and I was on my way to Greece.


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