Filoto – what?

There isn’t a definition of filotimo, but maybe this adventure will be my version of one.

I first discovered the term filotimo (also spelled philotimo) while doing research for one of my college projects on Greece. According to several articles and Greek spokesmen, filotimo is a Greek way of life comprised of complex virtues, sacrifice, respect, ambition, resilience and much more. While the concept was given a name, I think the lack of a unanimous definition comes from the subjectivity that the depth and meaning of the concept holds to each person. As I kept researching the Greek culture in an effort to finish my project and prepare for studying abroad, filotimo kept surfacing as a mysterious component to the hospitable reputation of the Greeks. Reading about the concept led me in circles, always towards the same undefinable conclusion.

Perhaps in Greece, I’ll find instances of filotimo that bring the concept to life in a way that touches mine. Filotimo is a uniquely Greek concept, and I’m hoping to learn about it and learn from it.

The Greeks may have given it a name, but as I travel through many countries and meet people from around the world, I am looking forward to seeing if there’s a filotimos nature within us all. With each new experience, I’m stringing together my own definition.


Follow the link to learn more about filotimo:




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